Is yoga right for me?

Hey you,

Thanks for stopping by,  if you’re here you are probably looking for a yoga class to suit you or enquiring about 121 yoga at home.

What style of yoga is your style ?

Are you active, sporty, athletic and want to be challenged and stretched ? If yes then Ashtanga is worth checking out.

Are you looking to relax, unwind, chill out and feel more balanced and refreshed ? If yes Hatha yoga is going to be better for you.

Are you a little mix of both, enjoy being challenged and feeling the warm glow you get from a dynamic movement class, all  with a pinch of spirituality? If yes then try a Vinyasa class.

Now you have an idea of you style, check out the timetable at the tab ‘come to a class’

Lets do this yogis !

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